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I stream Rust live coding sessions on Twitch.


I try to stream at least on Wednesdays starting at 20:00 CET.

I’m trying out GitHub Projects to plan my streams.

Stuff to do on future streams

Streaming History

2018-04-22: tmpshare session 7

In this session we implemented adding and serving collections of files.

YouTube link

2018-04-16: tmpshare session 6

In this session we used the https://crates.io/upspin crate from last session and added a new HTTP route for it.

Also we changed tmpshare’s error handling to use the https://crates.io/failure crate and release version 1.0.1.

YouTube link

2018-04-14: upspin session 1

In this session we started the work on the new https://crates.io/upspin crate. It is a wrapper for https://upspin.io another file sharing tool.

We did the setup and implemented a very simple wrapper for the upspin cli tool, that checks if a path is world-readable and downloads it to the filesystem in the current directory.

We release version 0.0.1-pre at the end of the stream.

YouTube Link