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The Aeropress Iced Stubby Recipe

  • Method: Aeropress Inverted
  • Dosage: 25g for 250mL (100g/L)
  • Grind: fine
  • Water Temp: 96°C/205°F
  • Blooming: 50mL
  • Total Time: 1:30

The Aeropress Iced Stubby Recipe is a variation of Brian Beyk’s Stubby Recipe by Taylor Martin (@caspertek).

  • Heat your water to 96°C/205°F
  • 25g of fine ground filter coffee
  • add 100g of ice into your mug
  • inverted Aeropress with plunger between 2 and 3, just below 3
  • start timer
  • add 50g of water
  • stir
  • add 100g of water
  • add filter cap and press till the bed begins to bubble
  • at 1:00 flip and push till 1:30
  • enjoy

Source: The Best AeroPress Recipe: Iced Stubby by Modern Outdoor Dweller (YouTube)